Other Activities

Ras Alteen Beach
This white sandy beach not far from Benghazi is popular among both locals and foreign visitors for both its natural beauty and surrounding cultural attractions. Hemmed against the coast by the verdant mountains of northeast Libya, Ras Alteen is an ideal base for hiking in Cyrenia and exploring the recently-discovered underwater city just offshore, featuring a wealth of Greek and Byzantine graves. Additionally, just a couple hours to the east is the infamous WWII battlefield of Tobruk, final resting place of around 15,000 soldiers, set just a couple hours to the east.

Central Benghazi is where the majority of Benghazi’s historical monuments are located, and has the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Virtually all of Benghazi’s theatres, libraries, best clothing stores, markets and old mosques can be found there. The Italian quarter is also located in the centre. The central districts are mostly residential and commercial areas such as Sidi Hsayn. The central suburbs are almost entirely residential and more like little towns in their own right; Al-Quwarsha is a good example of this. The coastal districts (especially the southern districts) are where Benghazi’s beaches can be found. Some sections have become more popular as residential areas in recent years (such as Qanfuda). These areas are still primarily recreational however, and many beach condominium resorts (known locally as chalets) have been built in previous years such as those at al-Nakheel beach, and the Nayrouz condominiums.